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Framework for Understanding Bible Prophecy - A Primer

Framework for Understanding Bible Prophecy - A Primer

Author - Don McGee

Framework for Understanding Bible Prophecy - A Primer

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Framework for Understanding Bible Prophecy - A Primer
Don McGee - Author

If the study of Bible prophecy is becoming increasingly important to you, or if you are preparing to teach classes on the subject there are some things you might consider doing that will be of assistance.

Consider building a good library of books, maps, DVDs, CDs and other resources.  The internet offers vast amounts of information on prophecy, and that makes it a very valuable tool for research.  But, do not overlook the importance of books.  To have a dog-eared copy of a reputable author’s book on your lap that is filled with handwritten notes in the margins is hard to beat. 

If you do not already have an easy-to-read Bible you might consider making that your first priority.  It will always be your best resource.  Check out the various translations until you find one that is easy to understand, preferably with a wide margin for notes, and get to know it intimately.  The New American Standard Bible Update and the Holman Christian Standard Bible are just two of the good translations available.

Find several good Bible prophecy websites and check them frequently for new information.  Ensure that they are trustworthy and that they offer resources that are sound.

Make an effort to attend Bible prophecy conferences, congresses and other such meetings as you have opportunity.  Become familiar with the speakers and judge their loyalty to scripture.

There are great blessings in store for those who study Bible prophecy (Revelation 1:3).  For example, when you choose to interpret current events in context of what God has said about the last days you will begin to understand the real meaning of peace.  Though the details will at times be difficult to understand, the gist of what is happening and where we are on God’s timeline of history will become much clearer.  The fear and alarm that is so often found in the minds of most people will be gently replaced with joy and hope.

Though financial prosperity, better government, a moral society, etc., are all things Christians would like to see, they are totally unrelated to real hope.  A Christian’s hope is in the return of Jesus for His church (Titus 2:13); in fact, it is called “the blessed hope”.  And, the biblical truth about what the future holds has a way of moving this blessed hope from the cold shadows of wariness and obscurity and bringing it into the bright sunlight of understanding and anticipation.

May our Lord bless you in your study of the last days.  In the words of Paul, “Maranatha!”.