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 November 2017  Grace and the Rapture
 October 2017  1973 Yom Kippur War - The Real Reason
September 2017  Anarchy, Disaster and America
 August 2017  The Nicolaitan Heresy
 July 2017  A Prostitute Sees the Future
 June 2017  The Six Day War Plus 50 Years.
 May 2017  Moving Toward Full Disclosure
 April 2017  What Profit? What Exchange?
 March 2017  Souls in Strife
 February 2017 The Seizure of Antichrist and It's Implications
January 2017   The U.S., the U.N. and Israel


 December 2016  A Different Appraisal of the 2016 Presidential Election
 November 2016 Grooming Millennials
October 2016  Will the Gospel Change Things?
 September 2016  The Fifth Trumpet
 August 2016  The Two Witnesses
 July 2016  This Shroud of Darkness
 June 2016  Becoming Tired?
 May 2016
 A View of America's Soul
 April 2016  Some Thoughts from Daniel 12
 March 2016  Times, Epochs and the Taking of the Church
 February 2016  The Divisive Jesus
 January 2016   An American Josiah


 December 2015  Beyond Christmas
 November 2015  Gratitude
 October 2015  Not Benevolence But Repentance
 September 2015  The Church and the Tribulation
 August 2015  The September 2015 Alarm
 July 2015  Whose Law?
 June 2015  Greasing the Slippery Slope
 May 2015  A Secular View of an Apocalyptic Event
 April 2015  Paul's View of Israel in Romans
 March 2015  The Jew and His Land
 February 2015 The Purpose of Islam
 January 2015  America, Israel and the Future


 December 2014  The Christmas Story & The Future
 November 2014  An Appreciative Heart
 October 2014  America's Epitaph
 September 2014  The World, Israel and ISIS
 August 2014  Non-Glorious Death in the Tribulation
 July 2014  Why Many People Will Be Left Behind
 June 2014  The Point of No Return
 May 2014  Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
 April 2014  The End of Discernment
 March 2014  The Lie - God is Irrelevant 
 February 2014  What God is Doing in the Land and Why
 January 2014  Better Things in 2014?


December 2013  Peace on Earth?
November 2013  Europe and America's Selective Spiritual Hearing
October 2013  The Weather Channel and Prophecy
September 2013  The Yom Kippur War - 40 Years Later
August 2013  A Coming Break-over Point?
July 2013  Jewish Messiah or Gentile Savior
June 2013
 Surveillance Technology and the Coming Police State
May 2013  Israel is an Embarrassment to Islam
April 2013  Ignorance or Insurrection
March 2013  His Resurrection and Our Hope
February 2013  A New god is Created
January 2013  Violence in the Land


 December 2012  The 490 Years of Daniel 9
 November 2012  Election 2012 - Was God Concerned?
 October 2012
 The Church, Israel and the Modern Philistines
 September 2012  Catastrophic failure of Human Government
 August 2012  The Early Church Believed in the Restoration
 July 2012  The 200,000,000 Horsemen
 June 2012  The Increasing National Abhorrence for God
 May 2012  Building the Tribulation GESTAPO
 April 2012  Why the World Can't Bury Titanic
 March 2012  The Third Holy Temple
 February 2012
 The America - Israel Disconnect
 January 2012 
 Higher Criticism and Lower Standards


 December 2011
 Ominous Black Friday
 November 2011  The Temple Mount
 October 2011
 The Message of Amos — It is Too Late
 September 2011  Wannsee - deja vu?
 August 2011  The Hatred Behind The Hatred
 July 2011
 The Influence of Cults upon Evangelicals
 June 2011
 The Rapture - Our  Blessed Hope
 The Theocracy - Our Glorious Vindication
 May 2011
 The Gospel of "I'm OK - You're OK"
 April 2011  Is Armageddon Really the End of the World?
 March 2011  The Resurrection
 February 2011  A Snapshot of the Jew
 January 2011  Getting Easier to Let Go